Here’s How to Take Care of Rabbits That We Rarely Know

Rabbits are one of the animal species that most people like very much. Even this rabbit is also a lot of people who keep rabbits. This is because rabbits look cute and clean. Most of the people who keep rabbits are considered to be friends and even closest friends. This is one of the hobbies that are loved by others. How to treat a rabbit is one that is quite easy for those of you who have a pet rabbit in the area of ​​the house. And you also have to monitor continuously the situation of the rabbit that is being maintained.

You should also pay attention to what you are doing. As with making rabbit drinking places, feeding rabbits, cleaning rabbits, and also comfortably holding rabbits, this is one of the keys to how to properly and properly treat rabbits. Below are things that need to be done to treat rabbits:

1. Maintaining Rabbit Health
To maintain the health of rabbit animals means we also have to routinely bring this rabbit to consult with the veterinarian. This is useful for examining the health of the rabbit. If your rabbit has symptoms of illness then you should not hesitate to immediately bring your rabbit to the vet to get further treatment.

2. Always Check the State of Rabbit Teeth
The teeth of this rabbit will never stop growing. Therefore he will always chew something especially food to even it. If your rabbit’s teeth look longer. Then you can take it to the vet with a little purpose to cut it. Never to cut your rabbit’s teeth by yourself. Because the rabbit’s teeth can become cracked and will cause swelling to very serious problems in the mouth.

3. Diligently Caring for Rabbit Fur
If you have an Angora type rabbit to pay attention to its fur. Anggora rabbit is a type of rabbit that has very fine fur. So that many of the people who shave their feathers to make clothes. However, never try to shave your rabbit feathers yourself. You can brush your rabbit hair once a day so that their fur will remain smooth and stay healthy. When you brush your rabbit fur you can use a comb specifically for animals. By brushing your rabbit’s fur, you can reduce the amount of feathers that fall out on your furniture, carpets, and even your clothes.

4. Give the Right Food
Rabbits also love straw as one of their foods. Always make sure that your rabbit has enough straw to chew. Straw has all the essential nutrients that are needed for rabbits to stay healthy. By chewing, the rabbit’s own teeth can become flat and their growth retained. Besides that we also need to know that there are many foods that should not be given to rabbits, especially rabbits Anggora. These foods are those like corn, broccoli, unpeeled beans, spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower. These foods are dangerous because rabbits are difficult to digest and can cause these rabbits to become sick.

5. Always Meet Water Needs
Rabbits will need easy access to fresh and clean water sources. You can use a water container for your rabbit using a bottle that will be sucked at the end because this bottle will be more difficult to be contaminated with various dust, dirt, and straw. Always routine to replace your rabbit drinking water. At least change once a day and always check the situation.