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You may simply toss an outdated box on the ground for them, however with a couple of additions and modifications, that cardboard box can be much more fun: Lower a hole in each side of the box, big enough for the rabbit to squeeze through, after which add just a few smaller holes scattered around the sides so the rabbit can peek out. You can even join just a few of these containers by slicing holes, lining them up to make passages to neighboring packing containers. Bunnies like these however many take a bit of bit of time to get courageous enough to play in them.

I do however want to point out myxomatosis, because it’s quite frequent and may cause very rapid demise. So as to forestall your rabbit from catching this disease, most vets supply annual or semiannual vaccinations. I really like my bunny sooo much and wish her to be comfortable, however I can’t discover anything she likes to play with! Fantastic welcoming staff at Pet lodge who I confidently depart my canines withThey always seem to take pleasure in their keep there.

Small plastic bottles, like these for sodas and water, make good rabbit toys. Empty them, put the caps back on, and then give them to your rabbit. Especially on a linoleum flooring, pushing round a plastic bottle is lots of fun for your furry good friend. This is not beneficial in case your rabbit is a big chewer though, and do not let them have the bottles if they begin chewing on the plastic.

Great lens. I was a rabbit breeder and confirmed rabbits, so know fairly a bit. They really are FAR extra playful and social than most people assume. Great job highlighting this and what amazing pets they really do make. I had a Belgian Hare when I was rising up. Love rabbits! Yours is the most thorough supply I’ve seen for rabbit care. Wish I might have known some of these items after we had our bunny. Many cat toys make wonderful rabbit toys as well. Anyone with home rabbits and cats knows this since typically rabbits will snatch the cat’s toys right from their furry mitts.