The Main Features of Baby Growing Healthy And Normal

Baby Calm Near You

Your child spends 9 months inside you, so your voice is very important to him. Actually, for a few months or more, one of the things you do not need to buy is a toy to play because all he needs is voice and you. So if you notice that your little one is watching or listening to you every time you talk to him, it means that he recognizes you and his emotional growth is on the right track. That is also the reason why your voice can be used to calm your child down when he cries. One of effort to make your babies calm is goes on to baby spa. Many benefits of baby spa parent who could got.

Babies often ask for breastfeeding

The baby is born with a sucking reflex and if he is very annoying and often feeds, then that is a sign of normal digestive system development. If he makes a swallowing sound while feeding then it means more milk and food that goes to normal. In addition, a normal baby sign is when he is asleep while feeding. This habit begins to disappear as he grows, so do not worry.

Queiet when growing

Once the baby is 1 month old, he will start to become more calm around him. During the first weeks, she all cries, eats, and sleeps but after 1 month, she will start to become more alert when awake. This is the moment when he starts to develop his eye muscles and learns to focus.