Train your dog not barking in the Kennel

Here are some tips can do to avoid your Dogs bark in this kennel :

  1. Open this kennel door and put some toys or Small food in it. Let this dog for investigate this kennel. He is likely to be big hearts to kennel Toys and treats. This trick is to review make positive associations build to kennel.
  2. Do not close this kennel door. Give flattery and praise hearts when his was in this kennel. Let him explore this kennel.
  3. Walk away from this kennel. Chances are his will follow you first, especially if his includes sticky dog ​​enough with you. This is not a problem.
  4. Repeat this introduction of this kennel like above once hearts every day. When you feel that this dog build relationships that has positives with kennel, this kennel door closes try him at this moment, But you remain near this kennel.
  5. Talk with your dog and give him praise. His will not big possibility Seeing you has closes doors, especially if his was glued in toys.
  6. Open this kennel door and give praise Sound And Fun. Your dog show showed to this hearts that are currently home to always provide positive results for him.
  7. Repeat this session, closing door operating brief dog kennels like earlier, operating gradually. Once his Glad although Currently Closed Doors, begin to review adding Jatropha between you and this kennel, but this differences seen on position.


And, barking dogs whining behavior when this stable are signs of separation anxiety (separation anxiety disorder), which is this reaction of this dog Current  Sales manager felt isolated / separated. His instincts  makes dogs feel. that notify you when his separated from this pack / group (heart of you as owner is regarded as part of this dog pack for you). This trick to review stop behaviour singer is taught him that being in this kennel only to temporary  and you will always back him. Dont go anywhere, simply it, you can found tools to fixed it on Crazysales

Preventing Dog Whining

  1. Give Praise When this dog is kennel hearts. if his whines OR barking, praise him and his back to this kennel Stop for 5 seconds. This singer will teach things that this positive stimulus form of praise will Ends Soon Once his whines, barks. he will learn that his behavior own this lead singer and his’ll stop doing it.
  1. Leave this room place this kennel is located, but witht his listen whiney voice barking. Count Up to 30 and this back to this kennel and let him out. Singer is important that you coming back when approach is not happen when his was whining or barking. if you jump back once his does, this show him that You with whining and barking can make out from this kennel, so his would always do it everytime. if your dog whining or barking, wait until his’s new stop back at him.
  2. Repeat this process everyday, operating gradually your time period for review leaving this kennel
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