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Methods Of Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Instagram Use

Instagram is an app used on mobile devices launched by Kevin Systrom a college student. It is a free photo sharing social media platform that was launched on October 6 2010. Over three million people were using Instagram three months after launching. It allows a person to download images, process them through a digital filter and share with people they are connected to in the platform. Since it being launched, it has gained excellence. Instagram has a lot of users who have a smartphone. As a result of the growth in the Instagram community, a lot of people are utilizing it for doing business. Some guidelines can be followed to augment your user experience.

Hashtags has a great effect on the way interaction is done on Instagram. Instagram introduced hashtags to enhance the user`s experience. The hashtags are important for the people doing business since, it becomes easy to find their products in the search bar. Hashtags can cause a buzz on the platform which benefits the user. Use of hashtags lessen the time taken for an interested client to find your product.

Pictures and videos can conveniently pass a message. Since Instagram is all about photos, it`s not advisable to take just random photos. There is product consciousness when you constantly update your account regularly with images of your products; this also increases income. You should ensure that the photo highlight the main features and functions of the product in question and also appeals the wide audience. The same procedure should be applied to video clips as well. You could record the video showing the employees and yourself performing an activity. Videos and photos are likely to go viral since people have an attraction towards media files as opposed to texts. They are also likely to stick to their memories for longer.
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A contest for people who follow you is advisable. People have a loving for free things, promotional offers and other discounts. A contest is, therefore, a very good idea. It is also a situation where both the customer and the business person get to win. Customers benefit from a free product while the owner gets increased brand recognition. You can do a contest that promotes your product like asking for customers to post images with them. Giving a present for the most captivating photo posted is a good way to promote your product.
The Art of Mastering Pictures

Ensure you track how good you are performing on Instagram. There are many applications available that allows you to track your customer growth. This gives you an opportunity to see which of your posts is the most popular and which is the best time to post an image among others.