Making Everyone in the Neighborhood More Comfortable with a New Pet

Getting a new puppy or dog can be an exciting time for everyone in a family. Each person wants to spend time with the new pet and even promises to clean up after him. While the people inside the home may be thrilled, there may be neighbors who have some concerns about the latest addition to the family. Following are a few tips to help a new pet fit into the community.

Take Things Slow

It doesn’t matter if the new pet is a puppy or an elderly dog, it makes sense to take things slow. There’s no need to rush out and expose the pet to every single person in the neighborhood in one afternoon. Instead, consider letting the dog become accustomed to the people inside of the home first. Once those relationships are established, it’s time to move on to others in the neighborhood. Take some time to make introductions gradually, maybe even meeting just one or two people at a time.

Be Respectful of Others’ Boundaries

Some neighbors are going to absolutely love the new pet and want to immediately come up and play with him or her. Others are going to be a little wary. Don’t force the new pet on people who aren’t interested. Instead, understand that everyone has different levels of comfort. There could be neighbors who are never going to come around, and that’s okay. Try to be aware of everyone’s feelings about animals.

Consider Opting for Some Type of Training

No one wants a dog that is going to be barking at all hours of the night. At the same time, no one is going to want to come and pet a dog who is always jumping up on them. Pet training can benefit the family, the pet, and the neighbors. It provides some level of control for pet owners, decreasing unpredictable behavior. It allows pets to understand what types of behaviors are acceptable. It also offers peace of mind to neighbors, knowing a family is investing in their new pet. If you are considering a new pet, check out The Neighbourhood Watchdog for more tips.