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Best Breathe Fresheners for Dogs

A dog’s bad breath might be as a result of something the dog ate or some medical problem. Some of the causes are periodontal disease which in many cases is the primary cause for bad breathe in dogs. As baby teeth are pushed out by erupting adult teeth there is bacteria on the gum line due to teething in puppies and this also causes bad breathe. Diabetes in dogs might be another cause. Gastrointestinal issues, icky diet, liver problems or kidney disease and sinusitis or rhinuses are the other causes for dog’s bad breathe.

Toothpaste made only for dogs and a toothbrush can be used to brush the dog’s teeth so as to treat bad breathe in dogs. A good choice for dog’s teeth is Triple-Pet toothpaste with tea tree oil. The dog can also be given dental chews which contain cloves, cinnamon and breath-freshening chlorophyll. Oral rinses, gels, sprays or water additives can be used on dogs to get rid of the horrendous smell.Chew toys which help to scrap and clean the surface of dog’s teeth may be recommended by some veterinary officers.

There are toys which are designed with surfaces that clean teeth. The other remedy which can be effective in keeping the dog’s teeth and mouth clean is dental chews. Chlorhexidine gluconate or sodium hexametaphosphate are their active ingredients which helps to fight the buildup of tartar hence they usually tend to be abrasive.

One can occasionally use natural remedies such as adding organic,virgin coconut oil to the dog’s meal or adding some freshly-chopped parsley to the dog’s food. The dog’s diet should be watched and the food and water bowls should be cleaned regularly as they may harbor bacteria and fungi. To establish the cause and get recommendations on how to treat bad breathe in dogs one is supposed to start with a visit to the vet.

A foreign object in the dog’s mouth might also cause bad breathe. There are also foods that can help control the formation of tartar and they are dental-formulated.

To eradicate bad breathe some people consider raw diet like raw meat and raw bones and they recommend it as well. In order to make sure that the dog’s nutrition needs are met one should take caution while changing a dog’s diet to raw a vet can be consulted. Not all products meant to get rid of bad breathe are safe and effective and therefore caution should be taken and a veterinary officer should be consulted while using them. Oral health for dogs can mean that the dog is also healthy because as said earlier other health problems can bring about bad breath.

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