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Pros of VoIP Phones In short, VoIP telephone systems have become very popular because they are reliable , efficient, fast and affordable. Lots of business are utilizing these phones for communication purposes. If your company is still utilizing old telephone systems, you are pulling yourself backward. This is due to the fact that the state of business today is quite taxing. Customers of today demand efficient and faster communications. This is due to the fact that business moves faster nowadays. If your business is still using traditional phone systems, then you are likely going to lose business to competitors Putting money into VoIP phones is the way forward. The specific benefits of VoIP phone systems are summarized in the remainder of this article. Less Costly If you are looking for ways to cut down your monthly phone bills, then you might have to asses your telephone system. It is quite affordable to call with VoIP phones. This is not like traditional phones where calls are costly. Affordability of VoIP phones can be linked to the internet. Because the internet is a single and secure network, the cost of routing calls is affordable. It is also very easy to do maintenance over such a network. This is unlike traditional phone systems where calls are routed over many landline networks. Such process inevitably adds to the cost of calls. In addition, it is costly to maintain plenty of landline networks.
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In the past, only telecommunication experts had the ability to set up telephone systems. But today, there are telephone systems in the market that you can easily configure on demand. One can easily configure VoIP phone systems. All you need is to go through the provided manual. Maintenance of these phones is also very easy. This isn’t like old phones systems that need plenty of wiring. If you are looking for an easy to configure telephone system, then VoIP phones systems should be your first choice. Many Features Old telephone systems do not have many features. Based on the nature business today, such telephones are not ideal. Businesses today require telephone systems with a lot of features for communication to be deemed complete. VoIP telephone systems have a lot of feature that ease communications. Some of the features that such phones come with include call hold, auto attendant, call transfer, fax, teleconferencing, file transfer etc. If you want a versatile telephone system to address the demands of business today, then you should invest in a VoIP system Easy Scaling VoIP phones functionality is based on the web. Meaning the adding more lines as your business grows is an easy process. When dealing with VoIP telephone systems, scaling down and up is quite easy. This is unlike traditional telephone systems where the process is not automatic. It is also very costly to add a line with traditional telephone systems.