Effective Strategies for Deciding on Supplements for Pets

Trying to figure out what health supplements to provide for a dog or a cat may seem like a big mystery. A large number of products are available from a variety of suppliers, ranging from basic nutritional supplements to items including other beneficial ingredients to enhance health. Keeping certain considerations will help pet owners decide which supplements are right for their own companion animal.

Learning About the Supplier

A little bit of research lets pet owners know which companies making supplements are highly reputable. Naturally, these consumers want superb-quality products for their beloved animals, which they can buy from American-based companies like Nuvet Labs. They can learn about NuvetLabs here and be reassured by the organization’s background, reputation and positive reviews.

Understanding the Product’s Purpose

A basic nutritional supplement for pets is intended to be complementary to a healthy diet, not to make up for a poor diet. Pet owners should be feeding their dogs and cats meals from quality brands and avoiding cheap generic and store brands. Not everyone can afford to buy their pet food at vet clinics and specialty stores, however. They may worry that the best-known brands that they can afford aren’t quite good enough. Supplementing with a vitamin and mineral product that provides all the essential nutrients is a smart solution.

Choosing a Flavorful Item

People learn to swallow multivitamin pills with a glass of water, but it’s tough to convince a dog or cat to do this. Instead, pet owners can provide the nutrients in supplements of tasty wafers. The animals look forward to these “treats” just as much as they anticipate receiving other delicious food morsels and pet treats. Another option is to blend a nutrient powder with the animal’s moist food. That’s a suitable solution for the very picky canine or feline eater.

Considering the Research

It’s encouraging to learn that certain ingredients in pet supplements designed to enhance their well-being actually are included in supplements for people as well. For instance, research indicates that chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine supplements are useful for improving joint flexibility and comfort. Medical doctors and veterinarians alike may recommend these products for their patients.