Best puppy foods for poodles

In this world, there are many varieties of dog puppies are living among them the poodle puppies are very soft, playful and lovely one where with its beautiful look and it attracts many people and make them to fall in love immediately. In general small puppies are helpless and innocent and it is our responsibility to look after them care in all possible ways. The one way to take care of your small puppy is to make sure that you provide the healthy foods to your puppies and ensure that they eat healthy food. This is because only the healthy foods will make your dog to grow in better way, improves their immunity, make the puppy to be stronger enough and moreover your dog will be good in health.

 In order to provide the healthy food to your puppies you need to choose the best food for your poodle puppies and should ensure that whether the food will be right one for your puppy. The following are the some of the best food for poodle puppies that are available on the market. They are.

  • Royal canin breed health nutrition poodle puppy dry dog food
  • Hill’s science diet small and toy breed wet dog food
  • Wellness core natural grain free dry dog food
  • Solid gold small and toy breed wet dog food
  • Blue buffalo wilderness high protein grain
  • Blue buffalo freedom grain natural puppy dry dog food
  • Hill’s science diet small and tall breed’s wet dog food

If you want to find the best dog puppy food then you can visit to the website where you will be getting a wide range of the food brands. Today there are huge amounts of dog food brands are available on the market where they all provide dogs with high quality of food that includes antioxidants, micronutrients and vitamins. Among the above dog foods the Blue buffalo brand is found to be the best food product for the puppies.

Things which you should avoid while providing food to puppy

While choosing the food brand for your puppy then you have to learn to avoid the components which potentially harm their healthy and result in the upset stomach reaction for example if there are any artificial flavors, preservatives and colors. The second class meat like liver, stomach and lungs or chicken by products are the eatable but can also go hard on the tender stomachs. Before selecting the food for puppies make sure that the food was specifically developed for the small breeds and poodle puppies. This food will provide the right balance of the micronutrients and other elements like antioxidants, vitamins and omega fatty acids. In which the food for the poodle puppies must contain at least 30% of the high quality of nutrition and protein values.… Read More

Did You Know that Ticks can Kill Your Dog?

Did You Know that Ticks can Kill Your Dog?Ticks are very uncomfortable for our pets and can cling to our pet anywhere, whether in the field or in the city. It is possible that you have never given much importance to this because your dog may not have ticks, but what if you found out they might even kill your dog?

It is important to know the damage that ticks can do to your dog, as well as learn how to detect them and fight them. There are many accessories and safety products at to keep your dog safe from various risks.

How can ticks kill your dog?

Have you ever heard about erlichiosis? This is a disease transmitted through the bite of a tick.

Through this bite, a parasite is introduced into the body of your animal that affects different parts of the body, but especially the platelets, creating failures in blood clotting.

In any case, the symptoms begin to appear between 8 and 21 days. Key symptoms are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Partial anorexia
  • Intermittent fever
  • Tiredness
  • Ocular and / or nasal secretion
  • Any respiratory symptoms
  • Variable lymph node enlargement
  • Skin bleeding
  • Occasional nasal bleeding and pain

This is the most severe phase, although there is a milder phase, when the symptoms are smaller and therefore harder to recognize.

How to fight ticks


Often we wait until we can see the animals on our dog so we apply an anti-parasitic, but the truth is that in a market as wide as there is today, there are hundreds of products that we can choose and that can be applied during all year round, thus preventing parasites.

It is also a good option to vacuum the house often, especially if there are carpets, and especially to wash the animal’s bed at least once a week.

Examine your dog

To know if your dog has ticks, it is essential that you constantly examine it, the hairs and the skin. Remember that a tick can transmit a disease in less than 48 hours. Do not forget: ticks can kill your dog.

What to do if you find ticks on your pet?

How to remove a tick

First, we must apply an anti-parasite to the unwelcome visitor. Then we must put gloves of latex or rubber and then with tweezers, as close as possible to the dog’s skin, we will pull very slowly.

If we jerk, we can break the tick and keep parts of it inside the house or on the animal’s skin.

Once you take it out, it will not be enough to crush it, since it contains eggs that can spread. Therefore, it is recommended to put it in a pot with alcohol until it dies.

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Five Essential Supplies for a Veterinarian’s Office

If you are starting out in private practice as a veterinarian, you know there are many steps in the process of setting up a well-equipped office. Most new veterinarians have a long list of items that they need to procure in order to set up shop. Making a list is an organized way to go about the process because you can check off what you have and take note of what you still need to get. Look at five important items to include on your list.

Sturdy Exam Tables

Whether you are examining a chihuahua with a persistent cough or listening to the heartbeat of a German shepherd, you need a sturdy exam table to work on. Your exam tables should be able to support dogs of all sizes. Also, each table should have a non-slip surface so a dog will feel secure as it’s being checked out. This can be a rubber surface or one with a texture that keeps a dog’s feet in place. In addition, look for an exam table that is easy to clean. Most dogs have dirty paws and you may have to clean up an accident or two on your table. Try to find a table with an adjustable height so you position it in the most comfortable way for an exam.

A Supply of Medicines

A veterinarian must make arrangements to have medicines on hand that his or her patients will need. Today, vets can buy cat vaccines online to make the process of stocking up even easier. Of course, along with an inventory of medicines, you need to have the proper storage for them. Keep in mind that many medicines for animals need to be kept in a refrigerator in order to maintain their potency. The refrigerator doesn’t have to be large, but it does have to hold its temperature.

Basic Medical Equipment

A veterinarian’s office has a lot of the same equipment as a doctor’s office for humans. A stethoscope, a light to look into an animal’s eyes, a scale and blood pressure cuffs are a few examples. These are typical items of equipment for veterinarians who treat small animals such as cats, dogs, birds, fish and rabbits. Of course, other more specialized equipment is necessary for veterinarians who specialize in treating cancer or other specific diseases. So, your list of equipment you’re your office may be different from another veterinarian’s.

Cages with Secure Latches

Chances are, you may need to keep a few patients overnight. Sometimes it becomes necessary if a cat or dog has surgery and needs to be monitored. Or, perhaps you are treating a dog or cat that’s been hit by a car and has suffered a broken leg. The animal may need to stay overnight for observation. A collection of clean cages is necessary for patients staying overnight. Each cage must be appropriate in size for the animal inside it as well as have a sturdy latch to keep the animal from escaping and hurting itself.… Read More

Types of Cattle Feed and How to Provide

Having a cattle fattening business is a lucrative business. Because the farm has a good prospect let alone modern cattle. In addition to its activities are not boring, the profits can be from sales per head.

But success in this cattle business can be influenced by three main factors. Among them are breeding, feeding and good management. Cow feed for farms quality seeds will be able to grow quickly so as to produce a maximum product.

When we talk about the seeds of the cow, it is closely related to our goal to maintain it. As a cattle breeding business, cattle fatten cattle-breeding of both.

Apart from seeds, feed and feed management in an integrated manner can affect product optimization.

Without feeding in an integrated manner, although superior-quality cattle seeds will not give maximum results as well. Likewise with feed, is one of the very important and strategic means in the cattle fattening effort.

So the position of this feed is important as attention, because the feed has a very big influence on the increase of cow weight. Cattle need food as a staple for life, growth, meat production and reproduction.

Type of Grass Leading Animal Feed Fattening Cattle

  • Bengal Grass or Panicum Maximum. It is the favorite grass of cattle and has good nutrition. The height of the grass bengal can reach 2 meters.
  • Hawaiian Elephant Grass or Pennisetum Purperium. It also includes the preferred grass of cattle and has a high production capacity. The height of the elephant grass can also be as high as 2 meters.
  • Setaria or Sphacelata. In addition to including the cow’s favorite grass, is also a dry grass. Setaria grass can grow up to 1.5 meters tall.
  • Grass King or King Grass. Is a grass that grows from the elephant grass crosses. But it has a higher production jump than elephant grass. Besides the king’s grass is also not flowering.

Animal Feed as Cow Fattening of Legume Plant Types (Nuts)

  • Leucaena Leucocephala. It is a plant that has various functions. In addition to including cattle feed livestock feed is also rich in protein sources of livestock cattle. In its application to cattle, lamtoro is used as a mixed feed.
  • Glirdicide Maculate. Is a legume tree that is usually planted as a hedge plant. It has very leaves for the growth of cattle. Before eating into cattle feed, the leaves are wound first.
  • Desmodium or Desmodium Rinsonii. Is a legume tree that has round leaves.
  • Desmodium has a high protein requirement of cattle livestock as well as feed cattle livestock.
  • Centro or Centrocema Pubescens. is a legum that grows over the land.

 For agricultural waste of food crops that we can use as cattle feed for example livestock is straw. However, the quality of these crops food crops is lower than grass, except for nuts waste.

While concentrate or feed cattle livestock boosters need to be in less amount of fiber feed. Giving concentrate to livestock cattle only as a complement of nutritional needs. … Read More